Google is already old?

Modiphi Inc., which is getting famous as developing iPhone Apps, hosted “WBS 2.0” at Apple Store Ginza.

There was a talk session event of Modiphi’s Mr. Ogawa and SBI Robo’s Mr. Watanabe.   SBI Robo provides a LinkedIn-like business SNS called “SBI Business”.

# Actually Mr. Watanabe mentioned SBI Business looks LinkedIn as a role model.
# LinkedIn Japanese Service is being developed by Digital Garage, a tech startup venture capital firm.

(a little bit bokeh…)

  – Asking directly a reliable expert may be faster than Google retrievals to  reach a reliable information, therefore we see the needs of retriving the persons or connecting them each other.

 – Google will not start the service connecting person-to-person because of the reason mentioned above.   If  the user can easily contact the expert who is familiar with the subject that the users would like to know, it may cause reducing Google’s original retrieval needs.

– When we retrieve the word by Google, descriptions on Wikipedia or Hatena are usually returned in highly-ranked results.   SBI Business also aims to gain its popularity by leveraging search engines.   Every user’s introduction page is opened and accessible from search engine crawlers.   (LinkedIn is opened, Facebook is closed)

– Because RSS feeds are indexed entities of user’s opt-in, growing RSS usage makes Google retrieval needs lower.   (is it really?)     Therefore it’ s skeptical whether Google aggressively provides RSS service from now on.   (But Google already started iGoogle aggregating RSS feeds in a page.   Is it skeptical with the example?)

Although above is simple brief on my bias, by standing  in the position that “Google is already old”, I think it would be a certain breakthrough to create the next Web2.0 innovations.

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