Visiting “DEMOsa” in Roppongi

I’ve been drinking until dawn last night, and I was still sleeping even noon. Then I got a call from a friend of mine.

Friend:  Shall we go to “DEMOsa”?
I :         I don’t know what it is. Too sleepy to be there, I’m staying in bed.

I became sleepy again and refused going to Roppongi, but I thought it again and decided to be there after getting a hot shower, for responding to his kind invitation.

There were a lot of people whom I know.

Matsuki-san was standing at the reception for arranging whole things of the event, whom I saw usually at “Digicon Salon”. (Because he is the executive director of MOSA, a non-profit organization hosting this event.)

Every developer gave there the presentation about his or her newly introduced iPhone App for ten minutes. Its rapidness and smoothness of the presentations going made me so cheerful.

Dining at Kappa (Water Imp) in Komazawa

I finished my work near Komazawa Olympic Park in Tokyo that day, I went to a stew diner “Kappa” (water imp in Japanese) for the first time in about ten years.

Because it’s located near the park, many neighbors dine here after finishing jogging in the park, for filling their stomaches. I’ve been witnessing many Komazawa University students ever, especially belonging to the university’s athletic clubs, they come down here after finishing their club activities for the same reason.

Beef shank, Tofu (bean curd), Konjac stewed in a secret soup, with spicy taste of ginger.

It’s opened in 1950, the chef owner and the mistress have been managing the diner, I saw both when I was here previously, but this day I couldn’t witness the chef owner, and the mistress and her-daughter-like woman handled all the things behind the dining table.

I was satisfited with the dish after a long time, and I felt like I was back in my twenties in a moment.

Kappa’s website:

Seminar Webcast: Latest Trends on Security Countermeasures for e-Commerce Websites

The group providing with e-commerce solutions of NTT-Data, which my company(Skywill) is usually working with, will host a seminar on e-commerce security trends.

This year as well, hacker attacks from Mainland China against e-commerce sites in Japan have caused many unintentional leaks of private information including credit card numbers.

Four experts will speak about the countermeasures to prevent these accidents.

The seminar is scheduled to start at 13:30(JST) on Thursday, September 25th, at NTT-Data’s headquarter located in Toyosu, Tokyo. We have live webcasts of their presentations for those who have interest but cannot attend, and you may watch it here on this page.

See the link below for more details on the seminar:

Check this out if you have any interest.
(Presentations are entirely in Japanese.)

Monja Party in Mid-fall

It could be under the harvest moon in mid-fall.

Bad weather forced us to give up enjoying the moon viewing, but my friends and I had a party on a cruising boat on the Tokyo Bay, and ate “monja” or half-fried thin flour dough.

I felt cold in San Francisco, it seemed I just skipped fall to winter, but in Tokyo, it’s still humid and hot as typical summer evenings in Monsoon area.

People says average Tokyoites prefer “Monja” and Osakans prefer “Okonomiyaki” or Japanese-style hot-plate pizza, but I love both despite I’m from Osaka.

I hope this rainy days pass very soon and fall atomosphere come down here in the city.


Tech Crunch 50 – Day 3 & Y! & Seesmic Parties

Anyway I’m so impressed TechCrunch Japanese translates rapidly. Is it natural because English-to-Japanese translation experts are doing that? The following picture is the editorial staffs of TechCrunch (original), who are writing in real time with seeing the presentations. Great job!

The first prize at Tech Crunch went to Yammer, the service for asking “what are you working on?” among employees in a company, what is called the business edition of “Twitter”.

I found so many wonderful services other than the first prize winner, chosen one was a little bit anticlimactic because it’s a sort of normal one and Twitter-like finally.

As panelists mentioned, the service that they want to use personally, the service that they want to invest in, and the service that can earn much money — all are different, they could not choose which one was absolutely the best as well.

Good Guide was not awarded, but highly evaluated by the panelists at the Day 3 presentations.

Good Guide’s founder got to worry about the object that his daugher spreaded over her skin, which triggered launching the service that integrates information of harmful materials contained various groceries surrounding us from laboratories worldwide, and allows us to retrive it.

GoodGuide does not use complicated technologies, but I learned again there’s a business opportunity where we have unxiaties and inconveniences in daily life.

Closing party was sponsored by Yahoo! A cocktail you can see below is named “Yahootini” and colored in purple because of their corporate color.

Then I moved to a club called “330 Ritch”, it was chartered by Seesmic, a movie Twitter-like service, they sponsored and hosted a party there.

[youtube Ai8_EMjVGdc]

I think Seesmic does not make much profit so far. It was launched by Mr. Loic Le Meur, who came down to Silicon Valley and persuade individual fund-raisers to give the start-up money for Seesmic, just only with its vision and idea (without service prototype).

I found it important again that the founder, the company founded or the service provided should be loved both by its investers and by its users.

Finally, announcement from me.

Impress Business Media starts publishing monthly magazine titled “IT Leaders” this month (September).

I’m intend to contribute the report of TechCrunch 50 with my point of view, which is on next month’s issue (October) of the magazine.

The magazine can be subscribed free of charge (controlled circulation), I recommend you to apply for the subscription if you’re interested.

You may go to subscription application form by clicking the cover picture above.)

Tech Crunch 50 – Day 2

Thanks to Tech Crunch staffs who have been making efforts over night, Internet connection is greatly improved today.

They fired the previous vendor, changed WiFi infrastructure, and added wired connection facilities for audiences.

I think the company which made us most excited today was “sekai camera” by tonchidot.

When we take a picture with a camera embeded on iPhone, the application installed finds information associated with the objects in the picture taken. You need not type-in any keyword to retrive something.

Tim O’reilly and Jason Calacanis questioned to Mr. Takahito Iguchi, the company’s CEO, “Imagine when a new building is appeared or the existing building is disappeared, or when images taken changing frequently, should the information associated with every object in the picture be modified manually?”, responding to that, Mr. Iguchi repeated “That’s our patent” and “let’s do it together”, which made the audiences in an uproar.

For a couple of days since today, “tonchi” will be a keyword calling for big laughs, only in a part of San Francisco.

If my memory is correct, Mr. Iguchi was formerly running a company providing the service enabling publishing uploaded stories in paper-printed form. When I had a chance to see him on another business of mine, I was so impressed with his unique and interesting character, and it still remains in my mind.

His character remains pretty good, and was accepted even on the frontline of Web2.0, San Francisco as well.

Start of Flickr Badge

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End of Flickr Badge

Tech Crunch 50 – Day 1

The first day of Tech Crunch 50 was ended.

I uploaded some of pictures taken to my Flickr Set.

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I put here some of them, pretty cool.

Everyone celebrated Marissa Mayer’s birthday.
Just after she announced new feature of Google News Archive, which is they starts degitalization of paper-printed newspapers.

Michael Arrington’s dad and His dog Laguna Arrington.

Jason Calacanis and His dog.

After now, there’s a party sponsored MySpace, which starts 9pm.

I’m going there soon.

Notice: Tech Crunch 50 Live Coverage

I’ll leave Tokyo for Tech Crunch 50 soon.

I covered the previous event on Sankei Newspaper. (Find my name with the link to my article in the middle.) This year I’m intend to write about it in depth on another paper.

By the way, as well as reporting on paper, I would like to bring you live broadcast from the venue (right here on this page).

I cannot keep having seated and listening to the presentations all the time, thus I cannot keep broadcasting the event from start to end (someone else will do that), but at least I try to bring you live the first session and Michael Arrington’s keynote speech in the first-day’s evening.

Enjoy it then.



As Michael Arrington aplogized at the top of the conference, Wi-Fi connection in the venue works not well.   Please enjoy the live broadcast by the conference organizer instead.

(This must be much more clear.)



The following is a link to video archives presented by TechCrunch.


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