Fake Democracy

Taking a late lunch at Mansei, a popular beef restaurant in Akihabara with a good view. Now is the time of year-end, I’m very busy for greeting to our clients, which is one of Japanese seasonal business custom.

The view from here is changing. What happend here this year — Laox’s “The Computer Kan” was closed, Sofmap (PC chain store) was acquired by Bic Camera (electric appliances chain stores), Tsukumo Denki (Akihabara’s first PC chain store in the area’s history) bankrupted, and terrible and awful murder case happened on Chuo-Odori St. running in the area.

I heard that Kazuhiko Nishi would found a new university here jointly with Bill Gates.

View from Mansei

Well, after the sun set, as usual every yearend, Dr. Yasuki Hamano, Professor at Tokyo University Graduate School sum up this year’s events in this industry, which is this year’s final edition of Digicon Salon event at Digital Hollywood University Graduate School here in Akihabara.

He authored a book titled “Fake Democracy” recently, and it has been released by Kadokawa Publishing.

Cover of Fake Democracy 


Hamano's Autograph on His Book

Should we call it a reflection of Pax Americana? Has Japanese entertainment business been made up by the United States after the World War II?

He unveiled some interesting but awful stories at Digicon Salon, which were not written in the book due to various reasons.

Every fact in the history is sometimes made up intentionally by someone who rules the country at that time.

He authored this in order to record every fact correctly for future generations.

I will enjoy reading it in the year-end holidays.

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