JAIC Mobile Day and Mizudaki-chaya (J-style Bar & Grill)

I visited “Mobile Day” at JAIC or Japan Asia Investment Co.,Ltd.

There were the presentations by Mr. Kitamura and Mr. Quaeed Motiwala, they both are working for JAIC’s US subsidiary based in Palo Alto.


It contains JAIC’s portfolio describing which ventures they invest in, and the latest trends about US mobile industries.

By the way, when I was in San Francisco the other day, I also visited the annual convention of CTIA Wireless, but I could find nothing interesting there. And, in order to find something new, I visited JAIC’s event today.

They said this year’s focusing-on is “Location Based Service” (LBS in short can be also understood among the people), Mr. Motiwala raised “Loopt” as one the most pupular LBS services.

As featured on TechCrunch previously, it is an application to let you informed of friends who are near you geographically.

Loopt has released iPhone App as well, but it’s unavailable at Japanese iTune AppStore, as alerted with the message shown above.

As soon as I finished greeting to the event organizers and some audiences whom I know, moved on to Shinsen, Shibuya.

This is a Japanese-style diner called Mizuchaya, previously I introduced it with its curry menu in lunch time (http://digitalway.iza.ne.jp/blog/entry/551675), the diner’s chef “Nitchan” changed evening menu and style as well, and it’s gonna be a diner focusing on Shamo Mizudaki or one-pot dish of gamecock with vegetables at the table.

It was a party commemorating the renewal.

I ate a dinner too much before being in Mizuchaya to take another many dishes, the chef kindly cooked a relish for me.

I drank some glasses of shochu (rough distilled Japanese spirits), and it was already 2am when I found myself. I’ve been off my guard despite the next day was a weekday, no doubt.

Dining at Kappa (Water Imp) in Komazawa

I finished my work near Komazawa Olympic Park in Tokyo that day, I went to a stew diner “Kappa” (water imp in Japanese) for the first time in about ten years.

Because it’s located near the park, many neighbors dine here after finishing jogging in the park, for filling their stomaches. I’ve been witnessing many Komazawa University students ever, especially belonging to the university’s athletic clubs, they come down here after finishing their club activities for the same reason.

Beef shank, Tofu (bean curd), Konjac stewed in a secret soup, with spicy taste of ginger.

It’s opened in 1950, the chef owner and the mistress have been managing the diner, I saw both when I was here previously, but this day I couldn’t witness the chef owner, and the mistress and her-daughter-like woman handled all the things behind the dining table.

I was satisfited with the dish after a long time, and I felt like I was back in my twenties in a moment.

Kappa’s website: