The New Context Conference 2008

Day 2, the New Context Conferenfce 2008, Ebisu, Tokyo.

I didn’t have enough time to attend the entire event despite it’s been held in my office’s neighbourhood.   I attended only the last session of the event.

It’s titled, “What’s the Next Big Thing?”

This phrase reminds me of the blog written by Don Dodge, Business Development Director for Microsoft Corporation.    I think I’m not only one who remember that with the name.

Almost all of the panels at the last session were entrepreneuers and venture capitalists coming from Silicon Valley, they concluded basically “everyone should go to Silicon Valley for start up somthing new without fearing failures.”

On the other hand, in terms of advertising reach to large number population, China and India are very attractive.   That’s one of the reason why Google starts developing Android cellphone platform.   I’ve been feeling the emerging growth of China even at these kind conferences in these days.

I’m finishing my write-up because I’m a little bit busy today to prepare for an in-company meeting tonight and for contributing to a magazine.

Finally, I appreciate organizing such a great conference and the hard work of Digital Garage and Mr. Joi Ito, although it’s hard time now for them because Digital Garage showed 2.4billion yen loss in the previous accounting period.

Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo has been canceled, maybe New Context Conference is this year’s last one of this kind conference in Japan.

Thank all who got things done.