“Perfume” in CGM World

At the University of Tokyo, BBA (Broadband Association) hosted a symposium on CGM (consumer generated media).


Mr. Wataru SASAKI of Cryption Future Media gave us a presention.   The company is well known as the manufacturer of a popular vocaloid software “Hatsune Miku”.

After that, five persons had a panel disussion.   The guest panelists are:

– Mr. Ichiru, Director at Six Apart Japan and the Editor-in-Chief of “Gizmodo Japan”, and who was also interviewed by many medium on the day when i-Phone went on sale.

– Mr Hiroshi INUKAI, e-Sports game producer.

– Mr. Shinji FUKUHARA, Fuji-TV producer for TV program “Near Future Predictions TSUGIKURU” and “Shonen Takeshi”, a special content program in the station’s website.

– Mr. Kiyoshi SHIN, Game Journalist (moderator).

Accidentally last year I got to know someone near Perfume, a famous all-girl technopop trio, I’ve often watched and listened Perfume’s visuals and sounds since then, but I deeply understood Perfume had been conquering its popularity in the CGM world than I expected before.

Mr. Fukuhara ran the campaign on his website program, which was inviting the website audiences to create a music video of Perfume.   Mr. Inukai authored a Nintendo Family-Computer game featuring Perfume, and he was awarded and got a T-shirt with the trio’s autograph as reward.

Five persons’ common perspectives are, they are always conscious of where they are in the community while they create the contents, and they need contrive more ways to create something for more profit.

Anyway I feel it is important to create something and to get it to the public.   It’s not only about CGM.