Seminar Webcast: Latest Trends on Security Countermeasures for e-Commerce Websites

The group providing with e-commerce solutions of NTT-Data, which my company(Skywill) is usually working with, will host a seminar on e-commerce security trends.

This year as well, hacker attacks from Mainland China against e-commerce sites in Japan have caused many unintentional leaks of private information including credit card numbers.

Four experts will speak about the countermeasures to prevent these accidents.

The seminar is scheduled to start at 13:30(JST) on Thursday, September 25th, at NTT-Data’s headquarter located in Toyosu, Tokyo. We have live webcasts of their presentations for those who have interest but cannot attend, and you may watch it here on this page.

See the link below for more details on the seminar:

Check this out if you have any interest.
(Presentations are entirely in Japanese.)