Tech Crunch 50 – Day 1

The first day of Tech Crunch 50 was ended.

I uploaded some of pictures taken to my Flickr Set.

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I put here some of them, pretty cool.

Everyone celebrated Marissa Mayer’s birthday.
Just after she announced new feature of Google News Archive, which is they starts degitalization of paper-printed newspapers.

Michael Arrington’s dad and His dog Laguna Arrington.

Jason Calacanis and His dog.

After now, there’s a party sponsored MySpace, which starts 9pm.

I’m going there soon.

Notice: Tech Crunch 50 Live Coverage

I’ll leave Tokyo for Tech Crunch 50 soon.

I covered the previous event on Sankei Newspaper. (Find my name with the link to my article in the middle.) This year I’m intend to write about it in depth on another paper.

By the way, as well as reporting on paper, I would like to bring you live broadcast from the venue (right here on this page).

I cannot keep having seated and listening to the presentations all the time, thus I cannot keep broadcasting the event from start to end (someone else will do that), but at least I try to bring you live the first session and Michael Arrington’s keynote speech in the first-day’s evening.

Enjoy it then.



As Michael Arrington aplogized at the top of the conference, Wi-Fi connection in the venue works not well.   Please enjoy the live broadcast by the conference organizer instead.

(This must be much more clear.)



The following is a link to video archives presented by TechCrunch.


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