Tech Crunch 50 – Day 2

Thanks to Tech Crunch staffs who have been making efforts over night, Internet connection is greatly improved today.

They fired the previous vendor, changed WiFi infrastructure, and added wired connection facilities for audiences.

I think the company which made us most excited today was “sekai camera” by tonchidot.

When we take a picture with a camera embeded on iPhone, the application installed finds information associated with the objects in the picture taken. You need not type-in any keyword to retrive something.

Tim O’reilly and Jason Calacanis questioned to Mr. Takahito Iguchi, the company’s CEO, “Imagine when a new building is appeared or the existing building is disappeared, or when images taken changing frequently, should the information associated with every object in the picture be modified manually?”, responding to that, Mr. Iguchi repeated “That’s our patent” and “let’s do it together”, which made the audiences in an uproar.

For a couple of days since today, “tonchi” will be a keyword calling for big laughs, only in a part of San Francisco.

If my memory is correct, Mr. Iguchi was formerly running a company providing the service enabling publishing uploaded stories in paper-printed form. When I had a chance to see him on another business of mine, I was so impressed with his unique and interesting character, and it still remains in my mind.

His character remains pretty good, and was accepted even on the frontline of Web2.0, San Francisco as well.

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