Tech Crunch 50 – Day 3 & Y! & Seesmic Parties

Anyway I’m so impressed TechCrunch Japanese translates rapidly. Is it natural because English-to-Japanese translation experts are doing that? The following picture is the editorial staffs of TechCrunch (original), who are writing in real time with seeing the presentations. Great job!

The first prize at Tech Crunch went to Yammer, the service for asking “what are you working on?” among employees in a company, what is called the business edition of “Twitter”.

I found so many wonderful services other than the first prize winner, chosen one was a little bit anticlimactic because it’s a sort of normal one and Twitter-like finally.

As panelists mentioned, the service that they want to use personally, the service that they want to invest in, and the service that can earn much money — all are different, they could not choose which one was absolutely the best as well.

Good Guide was not awarded, but highly evaluated by the panelists at the Day 3 presentations.

Good Guide’s founder got to worry about the object that his daugher spreaded over her skin, which triggered launching the service that integrates information of harmful materials contained various groceries surrounding us from laboratories worldwide, and allows us to retrive it.

GoodGuide does not use complicated technologies, but I learned again there’s a business opportunity where we have unxiaties and inconveniences in daily life.

Closing party was sponsored by Yahoo! A cocktail you can see below is named “Yahootini” and colored in purple because of their corporate color.

Then I moved to a club called “330 Ritch”, it was chartered by Seesmic, a movie Twitter-like service, they sponsored and hosted a party there.

[youtube Ai8_EMjVGdc]

I think Seesmic does not make much profit so far. It was launched by Mr. Loic Le Meur, who came down to Silicon Valley and persuade individual fund-raisers to give the start-up money for Seesmic, just only with its vision and idea (without service prototype).

I found it important again that the founder, the company founded or the service provided should be loved both by its investers and by its users.

Finally, announcement from me.

Impress Business Media starts publishing monthly magazine titled “IT Leaders” this month (September).

I’m intend to contribute the report of TechCrunch 50 with my point of view, which is on next month’s issue (October) of the magazine.

The magazine can be subscribed free of charge (controlled circulation), I recommend you to apply for the subscription if you’re interested.

You may go to subscription application form by clicking the cover picture above.)

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