Meeting Again Rudi Lumanto in Tokyo

It’s been long time since I met Rudi Lumanto previously.   He was working as an employee at my company in its early phase.

Rudi Lumanto and me in Shibuya

He quit the company several years ago, returned to his home in Indonesia, and founded a science venture named “Edwar Technology” with his friends.

Edwar Technology developed a device called “4D scanner”, which enables seeing through the object with tomographic technology, and they have been delivering scanners to the clients including Ohio State University and U.S. Department of Energy.

“4” of “4D (dimention)” comes from a feature of “realtimeness” besides three dimentional capturing feature, and the object to be captured requires no pause.

As my perspective of an average consumer, I think this technology enables security check without taking our belts and shoes off at the imigration office of Narita Airport, thus the check is possible even at the gate to aircraft.

All of four directors for the company hold doctoral degrees, and also all have experiences of studying here in Japan.   I think I will visit their office in Jakarta some day next year.

I wish their business will grow up more in the near future.

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  1. Mr. Rudi Lumanto is now an expert staff of Indonesian Minister of ICT. Very nice to meet him indeed. We have a good disussion last time about Indonesian ICT Development Index rank.

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