A Sweet Address on the Chocolate

This year’s first edition of tokyo2point0 was held last Monday.

Several hosting provider companies gave the presentation on their services in the event.

One of the presenters gave away chocolates to attendees as shown below.

QR Code on the Chocolate

There’s QR code on it, your cellphone may show you the presenter’s promotion website only by scanning the code.

Japanese subsidiary of Chocolate Graphics from Australia introduces this product.

It would not be suitable for the Valentine Day’s present due to its minimum order lot. But this is a good idea for a girl having many boy friends, if she wants to distribute many chocolates on which the code for her own blog’s URL is embedded.

I heard from another sources that business conditions of hosting providers are mostly going well because their client companies have to comply with newly introduced security countermeasure law called J-SOX, and they are forced to switch their own hosting to outsoutced environment, despite the hosting service itself is not so innovative.

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