Many Internet Services Report Presidential Inauguration

When someone becomes Japan’s new prime minister, there’s not so many event for the celebration.   But neither is there for the U.S. President’s case.

The traditional Japanese word meaning politics “matsurigoto” is stemmed from “matsuri” meaning festival or celebration, and I hope his inauguration makes something happen to get all the world out of recession somehow.   I know the fact is not so simple.

By the way, some Internet services broadcast live the inauguration.   (qik’s live is already introduce on the previous blog post.)

– Internet TV “Joost” (using the stream provided by euronews)
Starting at 1am, 21st (Wed.) in Japan Time

– Live Streaming Video Service (using the stream provided by Associate Press)

Ustream released its iPhoneApp, you can watch the live even with iPhone by downloading the App from the following link.

Unfortunately, WiFi environment is required to use the App.
(Perhaps in order to get an approval from Apple to list it on AppStore, it’s limited only to WiFi Use to avoid the overload to cellphone carrer’s network.   Not like Qik’s case.)

Both Joost and Ustream use the streams provided by TV stations, I think qik is much better to feel the atmosphere with so much presence that local citizens do in Washington.   (It’s available on my previous blogpost.)

Enjoy the show.

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