Mitsui VC Holds Business Plan Competition for Cellphone Apps

There was the award presentation ceremony of the business plan competition held last Tuesday in Akihabara by Mitsui & Co’s venture capital firm.

IT journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi, Satoshi Endo from Ascii Research Institute, and Takashi Betsui from CNET Japan were invited as judges for the competition’s awards, I attended the event because interesting persons came together to give their presentation on the stage.

Snapshot at the venue of i*deal competition

I wrote a story about the event, and contributed it to Asiajin.
Akiba mobile app biz plan competition held by Mitsui VC

(Proofread by Mr. Sean O’Hagan, and he corrected the story I’ve written in English.)

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  1. Google is steaming ahead while Apple it seems has been resting on it’s laurels for a couple of years now. Safari still won’t load web many web pages, i can’t stream audio and video on one cable from my MAC, iPhone doesn’t even have a stupid little led flash or auto focus. Google is coming up with a new Operating System for cell phones. So for it, they held a competition for developers to come up with cool applications.

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