TechCrunch / CrunchGear Meet-up in Ebisu

TC Meet-up in Shibuya

Peter Ha, who is the editor of famous gadget tech blog CrunchGear, is visiting Japan, and his colleague and TechCrunch writer Serkan Toto organized a meet-up event in Ebisu.

I attended the event followed by another meet-up for the rotary club in Shinagawa, TC meet-up has been already started when I arrtived in the venue.

Danny Choo came there with having a strom trooper costume despite it was so cold.

This meet-up was arranged just a few days ago, but more than fifty people came together, it was so surprised and TC’s social power is so amazing.

I don’t feel like any recession while I was talking with someone here. Sleepy…

I appreciate the organizers’ arrangement for the schedule and the venue. Greatly thanks Namekawa-san, Takahashi-san and Hirano-san from TechCrunch Japan.

I cannot put a flickr badge for the pictures taken, and I put the link below instead.

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