Tokyo CGM Night – The 3rd

Super blogger Danny Choo from and Andrew Shuttleworth organizing tokyo2point0 jointly held the the third night of “Tokyo CGM Night”.

Danny Choo at Tokyo CGM Night - The 3rd

Sponsored by: (previously known as iKnow!)

They have planned to hold it at a cafe restaurant in Aoyama, but the intended  attendees exceed 200 people, and they were forced to change the venue to another cafe in Harajuku having enough capacity.

Andrew made so many efforts to arrage it.   Appreciate his job.

As you can imagine from the title of the event, it’s a meet-up for the people from various business categories including CGM (consumer Generated Media) related developers and users.

Tokyo is the great city, I believe.   Because, we have a great community gathering such a great number of people.

Viral marketing (by word-of-mouth) will contribute to promote our new products and new services than the mass-media advertising can do.

Here is the short introduction of Danny Choo.

Had A Talk Session About LV Conf. At Internet Assc. Japan

On March 12th, I had a talk session at the Enterprise 2.0 / SaaS Study Group of the Internet Association Japan,  and reported FASTforward ’09 which was held in Las Vegas last month and I attended.

Internet Association Japan

FASTfoward is an event specifically focusing on the Enterprise Search solutions, but most people talked about today’s enterprise IT trends such as changing  the way of working and the clouds.

You can see the live coverage of the event at the organizer’s my page at   (You can find a promotional code to sign-up for free, and it allows you to login to see them.)

Besides, my story covering the event will be on the next edition of IT Leaders Magazine.