Celebrate The New Book Published

There’s a project in which people think how the local journalism should be, and they created a book written by 100 authors.


There was a meet-up and party to celebrate its publication at Rikkyo University.

It was written by press people, reporters, journalists and students who intend to work with broadcasters.

The book will not be top sellers, but you can order it at any book store in Japan because the distribution number is assigned to specify the title.  It will be also stored at the Japan’s National Diet Library.
(ISBN 978-4-9904629-0-1)

When I received an offer to contribute for the book from a friend of mine, I was in the United States and heard many news stories about effects of recession.   That’ why I wrote some pages of how the Internet venture companies can contribute for the world to conquer the recession.


Many people working with press industry think so seriously about how news media should change its business model.