Invited As A Guest Lecturer At Tokyo Takanawa Rotary Club

It was snowing and the doll festival day.   Tokyo Takanawa Rotar Club held its monthly meet-up in Shinagawa Prince Hotel, where I was invited as a guest lecturer.

Rotary Club LogoRotary Club Meal

I don’t find the difference between two groups of rotary club and lions club.   I made a presentation about the gap between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrates to noted persons attending.

Regarding “Digital Native”, NHK was broadcast a special program on it and the term got better known.   It stands for the generation of the people who experienced in touch with PC and the Internet when he or she can remember.

(I’m not a digital native, neither.   It was my eighth grade when I used a device called micro computer for the first time in my life.)

There’s no one who belongs to the Digital Native generation in this evening’s attendees.

It’s not for emphasizing the generation gap, but we have to understand the gap and live in the community, the working style is changing definitely.

It was very hard for me to explain about the cutting-edge IT trends enough to make themselves understood in a very short time.

A musician and an attendee had interest in the story about Sound Code (previously I covered it on Asiajin).   I think this technology will be deployed to its practical use in the very near future, which will replace QR code.

Rotary Club Lecure
(Picture courtesy by: Rotary Club of Tokyo Takanawa)

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