Masaru started contributing to IT-related periodicals at 12 years old. (His first contribution was for Basic Magazine, a popular magazine among the geeks.)

After entering the university, which was at the dawn of the Internet, based on the request by Kazuhiko Nishi, ASCII Corp.’s founder and president at that time, Masaru started research on IT industries in Asia and Silicon Valley, he has been visiting there for covering new technologies and services by interviewing many entrepreneuers,

Masaru has his experiences as a system architect and an engineer. As some examples of his works, he has led the team developing the entire platform for a nationwide ISP, and also he’s been served the system consultant for a radio programming of Nippon Broadcasting System.

Masaru has wide range of knowledge about cutting-edge technologies and innovative services using the Internet, he’s been provided with due-diligence on IT start-ups for an independent venture capital firm headquartered in Tokyo.

Masaru has co-founded consulting firms, system integrators, and outsourcing agency specializing in system engineering.

As well as playing the managing director’s role at some companies, he’s been contributing serial columns to nationwide newspapers and IT periodicals, and he’s been teaching opensource-based system integration processes to students from Asia in Japan’s national development aid program for developing countries.

Recenty, he was involved in the project developing the cellphone-based wallet system being operated by Japan’s largest cellphone operator.

Publications ever contributed to:
Serial column: “IT Expert Tsushin” on Sankei Express (2006)
Serial column: “Scroll” on Sankei Shimbun Newspaper (2007)
Serial column: “Near Future that realized by Internet” on Sankei Express Newspaper(2007-2008)
Doors by Asahi Newspaper’s Publishing Dept.
Internet Magazine by Impress, MacLife by BNN, Nikkei NetNavi by Nikkei BP(Business Publishing), MSN by Microsoft

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