Tokyo Beer & Blog – 1st Meet-up

Tokyo Beer & Blog

A meet-up called “Beer & Blog” origins Portland, Oregon which is the heart of the open source coummunity.   Its first Tokyo edition was held following the cities like Las Vegas and St. Lewis.

Everyone is chatting with having a pint of beer in the hands.   The meet-up is held every week at a beer pub.   If you’re interested in attending this, please check out the website of Tokyo Beer & Blog for more details.

Attendees celebrated the 1st meet-up at Hobgoblin in Shibuya, which directly imports a number of casked UK beer having the same name with the pub’s.

The organizer is Ken Brady from Genkii, who recently introduced the new iPhone app called Sparkle.   (Serkan Toto wrote a story covering Sparkle on TechCrunch.)

On that day, the German-headquarted venture Jimdo started its Japanese service jointly with KDDI, and I had a chat with Serkan Toto, who is a German national and attended Jimdo’s press briefing at the German Embassy.

It is not a revolutionary but convenient service because we can create our own sites without setting up web server and CMS.

Some people call it a kind of Web3.0 service. is also categorized in this sector, which I saw at a meet-up in L.A.

I received a beta account for Fotonauts today, almost six months passed since I saw it at TechCrunch 50 last fall for the first time.

I will enjoy playing it tonight.

Former Tokyo Disneyland Producer Unveils His Secret

Mr. Teiichiro Hori, who persuaded Wall Disney Company to found the Disneyland in Tokyo, authored an audiobook titled “How to Attract and Gather the People”.

I actually attended his lecture a long time ago, and then he look so frank as not to have made such a great achievement, where I was so excited to listen to his story.

Hori Teiichirou

(Clicking the image shown above will launch your iTunes and take you to the page.)

Some friends of mine and Mr. Hori’s grandson were involved in making this audiobook, and now we can listen to his great story even with the iPhone/iPod.

Leaving the story in text is good, and so is it in audio form as well.

This is like the audio edition of “My Resume Column” which is always placed on the cover of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun or Japan Economic Journal.

TV-Tokyo has been broadcast its visual edition, but we cannot watch it in crowded commuter trains.   Alternately, shall we invest in what we want to be  by listening to audiobooks where we cannot read newspaper not book?

Audiobook title: How to Attract and Gather the People
Authored by: Teiichiro Hori and Sadayuki Yamaoka
Arranged by: Leisure News Service
Narrated by: Ryoko Taki

Arrive in Santa Monica, Visit Mahalo!

I escaped from freezing Las Vegas and arrived in Santa Monica.

It has so nice view whenever I come.

Santa Monica

I visited the human-powered search engine “Mahalo” locating near the downtown of Santa Monica, and Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley welcomed me.

Jason and Me

In the middle of chatting with them, there was a breaking news that South airliner landed in Las Vegas in emmergency where I’ve been until this morning.

Mahalo’s staffs were a little bit busy to collect and distribute the news-related tweets then.

DirecTV News Mix

A Mahalo guy working at the office said “CNN is always slower to bring breaking news”.

Now is the era of cellphone journalism as you may know.   CNN owns iReport, but they never win cellphone holders in terms of  competing the speed.