Microsoft to be an Apache Sponsor

Celebrating 10th anniversary OSCON was being held in Portland, Oregon.    Microsoft’s Sam Ramji announced there Micorosoft would be a sponsor of Apache Software Foundation.

Microsoft supports Apache despite they have their own web server product “IIS” or Internet Information Services.

As you may imagine from the term “WAMP” (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP), even on Windows servers we usually deploy not IIS but Apache for running web services.   I think Microsoft will walk in the same path of IBM, who gave up on their operating system AIX and now sell Linux servers instead.

That’s the way I love, of course.

“.me” domain goes to the public

On July 17th, a member country of former Yugoslavia Federation, Montenegro’s domain “.me” started on sale.

Until almost a decade ago, in order to help their own finances, many poor countries have been releasing beautiful postage stamps for the philatelists around the world.   Nowaday, TLDs or Top Level Domains with good sounds brings higher prices instead.

I myself took a domain “”, installed  “WordPress” or an open source software for blogging, and started blogging in English here, as well as Japanese Edition at

Basically I will blog here the same contents as Japanese Edition of mine.