Many Internet Services Report Presidential Inauguration

When someone becomes Japan’s new prime minister, there’s not so many event for the celebration.   But neither is there for the U.S. President’s case.

The traditional Japanese word meaning politics “matsurigoto” is stemmed from “matsuri” meaning festival or celebration, and I hope his inauguration makes something happen to get all the world out of recession somehow.   I know the fact is not so simple.

By the way, some Internet services broadcast live the inauguration.   (qik’s live is already introduce on the previous blog post.)

– Internet TV “Joost” (using the stream provided by euronews)
Starting at 1am, 21st (Wed.) in Japan Time

– Live Streaming Video Service (using the stream provided by Associate Press)

Ustream released its iPhoneApp, you can watch the live even with iPhone by downloading the App from the following link.

Unfortunately, WiFi environment is required to use the App.
(Perhaps in order to get an approval from Apple to list it on AppStore, it’s limited only to WiFi Use to avoid the overload to cellphone carrer’s network.   Not like Qik’s case.)

Both Joost and Ustream use the streams provided by TV stations, I think qik is much better to feel the atmosphere with so much presence that local citizens do in Washington.   (It’s available on my previous blogpost.)

Enjoy the show.

Live: The Sundance Film Festival and Obama’s Inauguration

The first image reporting US Airway’s aircraft which came down in Hudson River of NYC was taken by a passenger on the sightseeing ferry there, and it was posted to Twitter.

Cellphone journalism is in boom.

I wrote about qik on this blog previously, there will be two live programs with the application.

– Live: The Sundance Film Festival hosted by Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Rose
Starting at 1am on Saturday in Japan Time.

– Live: U.S. President Barak Obama’s Inauguration

Availbale on the screen below.   Starting at midnight on Wednesday in Japan Time.
(The videos uploaded may be republished on CBS, BBC and Houston Chronicle.)

Upgrading My Blog Environment to PHP5

PHP Logo

My Japanese blog is hosted on iza!, I really need not consider its environment, but my English blog is running on the environment of my own so that I may try new experimentals.

Finally, I did upgrade the environment of English one from PHP4 to PHP5.

As you may know, support for PHP4 has been discontinued since last year, I think I must finish using this, but some technical problems occured, it was a little bit hard to solve them.

Upgrading to PHP5 has been completed, it improved totally the blog’s system perfomarnce including more rapid screen output.

Today I’m relatively free to do something, soon or later I will be able to migrate my web applications running on PHP4 as well as the blog.

Founder’s DNA or Company’s DNA making Innovations

There’s Steve Jobs’ condition making a headline of TV news and Internet portals in these days.    Apple announced that he would devote himself to curing for six months from now on, which means he seems so badly ill.

Previously when I was working for a venture capital firm, some colleagues said unanimously,

“The founding parent of the company is not always the foster parent of that.”

That means, founders of start-up ventures are sometimes daring guys, they had better hand over to foster parents having profession which may have the ventures growing up more.   Generally speaking, I believe that idea is relatively acceptable for the investors who are mostly conservative.

But the real world is strange and interesting.   MBA holders (of course, meaning not “married but available” but Master of Business Administration) may bankrupt his/her company.  On the other hand, there are some companies led by the management who cannot understand B/S and P/L, but those keep growing up difinitely.   I cannot find which idea is correct.   Honestly.

When I take a look at Sony without its co-founder Mr. Ibuka and Mr. Morita, Panasonic which removed its founder’s surname “Matsushita” from its brand, and Honda withdrawing from F1 championship of the founder’s dream, I see all they take options apart from the founders’ ideas.

Managements from giant enterprises are asked at new year’s party of Keidanren or Japan Business federation, what the card to overcome the recession, and almost they answered “creating something innovative to overcome”.

In order to make innovation happen in the company, we need some sort of daring atmosphere there.   If no daring employee working in the company, do you think any innovation comes up there?

I don’t intend to criticize Japanese consumer goods manufacturers, and I apologize for your discomfort if you feel.   By the way, I’m interested in how Apple can keep innovating something like iPhone if Steve resign his current position.

Apple’s headquarter is located at 1 Infinite Loop.   And, Google’s buildings have the names like Pi and e=mc².   Needless to say it, these facts show you the similarity of the two companies.

And now, people are rumoring about Apple’s acquisition by Google, extremely sounds like a real story, but if it would so, what’s the most important is whether Apple can keep innovating.

In terms of profit-seeking as one of raison d’être of the company, it is very important to think how the company can keep its DNA, which encourages the employees to innovate something, after the company founder disappeared from the company.

P.S.   I heard that Toyota Motor would appoint to make Mr. Akio Toyoda as the next president of the company, who is a direct descendant of the company’s founder.   It reflects the company’s relief that Toyota wants to overcome such a bad economic downturn with the founder’s DNA.   Will he or his leading company can create something new after Prius?

Live: Introduction to iPhone Apps Made in Japan

This year’s MacWorld would get relatively calmer because Steve Jobs was not on the stage, but there’s an event at SixApart HQ near the venue of MacWorld in San Francisco, introducing iPhone Apps made in Japan by the developers themselves coming from Tokyo. Led by famous IT journalist, Nobi Hayashi.

As of the time when I’m posting this message, there’re doing the presentation and broadcasting live on uStream as follows.


Where’s IT Going This Year?

Already three days passed since new year has come, but still I can say probably happy new year to all of you.

By the way, I resigned my position as managing director for Skywill Inc., at the end of year 2008.   Skywill is the fourth company that I’ve been involved as a founder, six years passed since the company’s foundation, I determined to entrust it over to my colleagues, and to take a new step to something new next, because I’m sure the company has got on the right track even in today’s economic downturn.

Previously as I wrote on this blog that I got an invitation from Andrew Shuttleworth about Dave McClure’s Seminar in Shibuya last month,  it is favaorably evaluated and helpful for us to think what to do to start up our business in 2009.

For instance, Nobi Hayashi’ s comment on the event (Japanese):

I put here the slide and the video of his presentation.
(I couldn’t find the video recording last month’s event in Shibuya, and the video below is the one of his event last October in San Francisco instead.)

May the year of 2009 be an excellent for all.



Subject to Change

TechCrunch Japan’s translator, Nob Takahashi gave me his recent work titled “Subject to Change” last month, and I finished reading it after all.

Cover of "Subject to Change"

Terms like “user experience” and “customer experience” are frequently quoted in the book.

  • Marissa Mayer at Google has the title of “Vice President of Search Product and User Experience, it is translated to Japanese as 検索製品および利便性向上担当副社長 according to Google Japan’s website, which means Vice President in charge of usability improvement. Who turned user experience to usability improvement in the process of translation?

Because I started my carrier as a programmer, I cannot avoid myself to start thinking everything with technlogy/engineering oriented basis, but the book tells us:

Every company provides with a certain service in order to let its clients obtain user experience expected,


In order to realize the service, the company is creating a certain product,


And in order to create the product, the company is developing technologies.

I should see in my life more deeply what the book tells us.

One of the recommendations for your reading in the new year’s holiday season.

I just awared recently that actually I visited the office of Adaptive Path when I was in San Francisco last Spring.

Brandon Shauer and David Verba, co-author of this book’s original, had a lecture at Google Headquarter, and I found its video on YouTube.

There’s a caption of “Google Confidential” at the top of the video, I wonder it is still ranked as a confidential, even on YouTube and it was uploaded probably by someone from Google.

My Story Covering OpenWebAsia ’08 On The Web

I was so surprised that I could eat “Takoyaki” or grilled wheat cakes with octopus even in Korea.   (Takoyaki originates from Osaka where I was born and grew up.)

(People call it “Muno Pang” in Korean.   I’m against the view that this is a kind of “Pang” meaning bread, on behalf of all Osakan people.)

Muno Pang Street Stall in Seoul Muno Pang or Takoyaki

When I was in Seoul last October, I was too busy to go to restaurant for the dinner, “Muno Pang” was my dinner on the day before OpenWebAsia’s event was held.

(Eating Oden at street stall is excellent in this season’s Seoul.    Korean expression of Oden has same pronounciation with that of Japanese.)

My Story covering the event is now on the web.

If you prefer to read it, here is the link.  (Japanese)

Its realtime video report is also available here.

Meeting Again Rudi Lumanto in Tokyo

It’s been long time since I met Rudi Lumanto previously.   He was working as an employee at my company in its early phase.

Rudi Lumanto and me in Shibuya

He quit the company several years ago, returned to his home in Indonesia, and founded a science venture named “Edwar Technology” with his friends.

Edwar Technology developed a device called “4D scanner”, which enables seeing through the object with tomographic technology, and they have been delivering scanners to the clients including Ohio State University and U.S. Department of Energy.

“4” of “4D (dimention)” comes from a feature of “realtimeness” besides three dimentional capturing feature, and the object to be captured requires no pause.

As my perspective of an average consumer, I think this technology enables security check without taking our belts and shoes off at the imigration office of Narita Airport, thus the check is possible even at the gate to aircraft.

All of four directors for the company hold doctoral degrees, and also all have experiences of studying here in Japan.   I think I will visit their office in Jakarta some day next year.

I wish their business will grow up more in the near future.

Fake Democracy

Taking a late lunch at Mansei, a popular beef restaurant in Akihabara with a good view. Now is the time of year-end, I’m very busy for greeting to our clients, which is one of Japanese seasonal business custom.

The view from here is changing. What happend here this year — Laox’s “The Computer Kan” was closed, Sofmap (PC chain store) was acquired by Bic Camera (electric appliances chain stores), Tsukumo Denki (Akihabara’s first PC chain store in the area’s history) bankrupted, and terrible and awful murder case happened on Chuo-Odori St. running in the area.

I heard that Kazuhiko Nishi would found a new university here jointly with Bill Gates.

View from Mansei

Well, after the sun set, as usual every yearend, Dr. Yasuki Hamano, Professor at Tokyo University Graduate School sum up this year’s events in this industry, which is this year’s final edition of Digicon Salon event at Digital Hollywood University Graduate School here in Akihabara.

He authored a book titled “Fake Democracy” recently, and it has been released by Kadokawa Publishing.

Cover of Fake Democracy 


Hamano's Autograph on His Book

Should we call it a reflection of Pax Americana? Has Japanese entertainment business been made up by the United States after the World War II?

He unveiled some interesting but awful stories at Digicon Salon, which were not written in the book due to various reasons.

Every fact in the history is sometimes made up intentionally by someone who rules the country at that time.

He authored this in order to record every fact correctly for future generations.

I will enjoy reading it in the year-end holidays.