Glam Media Enters Japan, with Mr. Yamamura as CEO

Some news sources say Glam Media established its local subsidiary in Japan, and Mr. Yukihiro YAMAMURA, former president of Excite Japan, is going to be the new company’s head.

Glam Media is the world’s Glam now.  It’s time to enter Japanese market.

Around this season of last year, I visited the head office of Glam Media, because some people around me said it was an interesting company.

The head office is located in Sierra Point, a wonderful scenic suburb of San Francisco city, someday I hope to work at such a great place.  Its entrance was designed in Japanese style, which made me feel something related to the company’s market entry to Japan this time.

Then I saw Vice President of Glam Media, and asked him they were going to Japan or not, but I couldn’t write about it on any media due to my reasons.

Apparel companies, who mainly targeted to women at 20s and 30s are selling their products without real store, are running their businesses very well, according to those who know about this industry in Japan.

As popular e-commerce website examples, FashionWalker, a joint venture of Yahoo! Japan and Xavel Inc., and Samantha Thavasa’s subsidiary Stylife  are often called up.  It may fairly be said that e-commerce is lead by women.

Several months later from now, we’ll see frequently Glam Media’s ads on the streets in Shibuya.

I wonder if I go to watch “Sex and the City: the movie” to find out more about today’s trends, which premiers at theaters in Japan very soon.