Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Asiajin

An English tech blog reporting web business from Japan to all around the world, “Asiajin” celebrates its 1st anniversary.  The blog was originally founded by Akky Akimoto and Shunichi Arai, I also sometimes contrubute some stories since last fall.



Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing other authors and drinking together to cerebrate, rather than just to congratulate.

I cannot write a lot in these days to blogs and magazines, but I will be able to do that and travel the world more next year because my current job takes a while at the end of this year.

Le Web was held in Paris last week, honestly I booked air and accomodation, and also I got an invitation from the event’s host Loic Le Meur, but I couldn’t go there and attend.

Hmmm, my absence from Tokyo for a week might be flown upon.    I’m not unskillful to handle this.

By the way, WiFi condition at Le Web was not so good as last fall event of Tech Crunch, they seems so up in arms.

Debut on Asiajin

I posted my first article to Asiajin, an English blog bringing web-related news from Japan to the overseas.


With my poor skill of writing in English, I’d like to keep contributing if I have time.

I just have to finish up my story for IT Leaders magazine, but I did one for Asiajin without thinking the order.

Now, I do my best to finish up the story for IT Leaders.