Former Tokyo Disneyland Producer Unveils His Secret

Mr. Teiichiro Hori, who persuaded Wall Disney Company to found the Disneyland in Tokyo, authored an audiobook titled “How to Attract and Gather the People”.

I actually attended his lecture a long time ago, and then he look so frank as not to have made such a great achievement, where I was so excited to listen to his story.

Hori Teiichirou

(Clicking the image shown above will launch your iTunes and take you to the page.)

Some friends of mine and Mr. Hori’s grandson were involved in making this audiobook, and now we can listen to his great story even with the iPhone/iPod.

Leaving the story in text is good, and so is it in audio form as well.

This is like the audio edition of “My Resume Column” which is always placed on the cover of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun or Japan Economic Journal.

TV-Tokyo has been broadcast its visual edition, but we cannot watch it in crowded commuter trains.   Alternately, shall we invest in what we want to be  by listening to audiobooks where we cannot read newspaper not book?

Audiobook title: How to Attract and Gather the People
Authored by: Teiichiro Hori and Sadayuki Yamaoka
Arranged by: Leisure News Service
Narrated by: Ryoko Taki

More Difficult than Expected to sell Ringtone at iTMS Japan

It’s really in late fall on Japanese calendar, but a little bit earlier to see the season’s most beautiful mountains covered with fall foliage.   Here in Lake Yamanaka, there is an annual fall foliage festival for two-weeks-long starting last weekend.

My mentor invited me here, and I talked a lot about Apple and its surroundings with him and Matsuki-san.

Matsuki-san, who has been releasing and selling Audiobook series at iTune Music Store (iTMS) Japan, started selling some albums of ringtones for iPhone as well.

iTMS U.S. allowed users to pick a specific 30-second-part of tunes listed, for setting it to ringtone of their own iPhones.

Japanese edition does not have such a feature, which maybe depends on the difference of copyright control system in each nation.   In Japan, “Chaku-Melo” (ringtone without performer’s voice singing lyric) requires paying copyright fee only to its composer via JASRAC or Japan’s copyright control authority, but “Chaku-Uta” (ringtone with performer’s voice singing lyric) does paying fees both to its record label company as well as to its composer.   But if someone picked a short-time part of an entire tune and made it a ringtone of his or her iPhone device, iTMS Japan would have no business scheme to handle it.

Matsuki-san overcame these issues and started selling brand-new Chaku-Uta tunes at iTMS Japan.   iTMS Japan does not allow to pick a specific part of tunes listed, but you may bring your favourite ringtone to your iPhone by the procedure almost same as that of U.S. edition described above.

At MOSA’s seminar scheduled on November 8th, he intends to explain how to overcome the issues on registration to iTMS and AppStore.

So stay tuned on that.