Digital Kids: So Powerful That They Cause Network Down

Mac de DS

At 85% of Mcdonald’s Japan’s entire shop chains, “Mac de DS”, allowing Nintendo DS users to download software via in-store Wi-Fi for free, launched on June 19th. But it’s not been working so well.

Last Saturday when I visited Roppongi store of McD’s that the company has used for demonstration of the service, I saw an announcement paper telling the service is temporarilly not available.

And on Sunday, actually I visited Higashi-murayama store to chat with a friend of mine, but again I witnessed a paper as follows.


When it seems recovered, the store’s master came down to a child who is willing to use the service and appologized him for his inconvenience caused, because the guest service is McD’s first priority.

Softbank Mobile provides data carrier at McD’s stores for the “Mac de DS” service, and NTT-BP does it on Tsukuba Express trains. However, the presentators at a press briefing for this new service were McDonald’s and Nintendo, and two of data carriers of Softbank and NTT-BP are so quiet and inconspicuous.

Now that a number of mobile broadband service is likely to start here in Japan, and I think not businessmen but children may be main users who consume high wireless data traffic.

I just posted a story about the news for Asiajin, which is titled “McDonald’s And Nintendo Team Up To Call In More Minors”. Only several days passed since the new service launch, McD’s and Nintendo must be satisfied with the current situtation that stores are crowded with many DS minor users.

On the contrary, data carrier companies are perhaps confused with it.