Had A Talk Session About LV Conf. At Internet Assc. Japan

On March 12th, I had a talk session at the Enterprise 2.0 / SaaS Study Group of the Internet Association Japan,  and reported FASTforward ’09 which was held in Las Vegas last month and I attended.

Internet Association Japan

FASTfoward is an event specifically focusing on the Enterprise Search solutions, but most people talked about today’s enterprise IT trends such as changing  the way of working and the clouds.

You can see the live coverage of the event at the organizer’s my page at http://myff09.com.   (You can find a promotional code to sign-up for free, and it allows you to login to see them.)

Besides, my story covering the event will be on the next edition of IT Leaders Magazine.

Digital Children and Digital Natives

I’m in Las Vegas for participating in FASTForward ’09 organized by the search engine technology leader FAST, which was merged and acquired by Microsoft last year.

Don Tapscott, who is the author of “growing up digital (Japanese Title: Digital Children)”, made a keynote speech at the top of the conference.  I’ve heard about him from someone, and I just finished reading that book a few days ago.

Don Tapscott with Grown Up Digital

When Digital Children have grown up, now how we call them?    His recent book “grown up digital” following “growing up digital”.

As Japan’s state-running TV NHK was broadcast the special program featuring “Digital Native” and the program title is also as it is, such name is more common.

Daniel Rasmus from Microsoft told us that a Digital Native would definitely change his/her working style and the way of working with his/her company, it would be very common for him/her to change the job 15 to 20 times in a lifetime.

Employees’ royalties will be changing, and the company has to change its way to recruit, train and work.

FASTForward is the place to talk about search engine stuffs, however all three keynote speakers mentioned this generation gap and Digital Native.

I cotributed a story about the same theme for a certain book to be released soon, and I feel personally I should be more flexible to meet such changes.

(There’s no option to use Internet on earth when I was born.   Therefore, I’m not a Digital Native but a Digital Immigrate.)

Local news sas, Goldman Sachs cancels its event to be held at the end of this month at the Venetian in Las Vegas, and it’s re-scheduled to be held in San Francisco.

Besides, gambling debt non-returning is making its number record, global economic downturn brings bad news even to the capital of entertainment business.

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