Meeting Two Andrews

I visited Cerego Japan’s office in Shibuya, and Mr. Andrew Shuttleworth, co-organizer of a Tokyo-based monthly event “tokyo2point0”, introduced me to Mr. Andrew Smith Lewis, founder of the company.

When Cerego Japan released an application called “BrainSpeed” around the beginning of this year,  I covered a story about their language learning site “iKnow!” in my serial column of Fuji Sankei Business-i Newspaper.   But this time, I got so impressed with a new style of learning languages one another by the contents created by the users themselves, and the new type of advertising based business model that I’ve never heard of.

(Right) Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder of Cerego Japan
(Left)  Andrew Shuttleworth, Organizer of tokyo2point0

Cerego Japan won an award called “DEMOgods” at a tech conference “DEMO”, which was held in the 2nd week of last month, I could not witness it because I was in San Francisco to attend Tech Crunch 50.

I’m looking forward to iKnow’s new features coming soon.

CNET Japan covers iKnow! and Cerego Japan in detail.,2000056936,20367453,00.htm