Arrive in Santa Monica, Visit Mahalo!

I escaped from freezing Las Vegas and arrived in Santa Monica.

It has so nice view whenever I come.

Santa Monica

I visited the human-powered search engine “Mahalo” locating near the downtown of Santa Monica, and Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley welcomed me.

Jason and Me

In the middle of chatting with them, there was a breaking news that South airliner landed in Las Vegas in emmergency where I’ve been until this morning.

Mahalo’s staffs were a little bit busy to collect and distribute the news-related tweets then.

DirecTV News Mix

A Mahalo guy working at the office said “CNN is always slower to bring breaking news”.

Now is the era of cellphone journalism as you may know.   CNN owns iReport, but they never win cellphone holders in terms of  competing the speed.


Dinner with Jason Calacanis and Influensive Bloggers

Founder of human powered search engine “Mahalo”, and also co-founder of Tech Crunch 50, Jason Calacanis is now in Tokyo, I was invited to his dinner party.

Mr. Umihiko Namekawa and Mr. Nobuo Takahashi, translators of TechCrunch Japanese Edition,
Dan Kogai, a well-known blogger as well as former CTO of Livedoor,
Mr. Motohiko Tokuriki from Agile Media Network,
Masato Kogure authoring famous blog “Netaful”, Mr. Masaki Ishitani from blog “Mitaimon”,
and Mr. Serkan Toto, Tech Crunch writer.

Everyone is witnessed often on the blogosphere.

I’ve posted several stories to Asiajin, I saw its organizer Akky Akimoto there for the first time.

One of TechCrunch translators, Takahashi-san gave me his brandnew book translated by him.

It was written by the founders of a San Francisco-based consulting firm “Adaptive Path”, and they’re famous as inventing the terms such as “Ajax” and “blog”.      I started reading it and I will post my comment on that later.

We did split the bill there, Kogai-san did not have enough amount of Japanse yen to pay, he looked so cheerful and paid in Euro instead.

Last weekend, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi-UFJ stopped their teller machines nationwide due to the maintenance for large-scale scheduled system migration, I was not able to withdraw my money from my account, it causes lacks of Japanese yen in my wallet as well.   Only U.S. Dollar and Korean Won left.