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Fotolia Starts Video Marketplace in addition to That for Still Images

I’m getting very interested in the market of photo-sharing and video sharing sites because I’m building the site of my own by myself due to some reasons. Some sites are aimed at distributing the contents licensed under the Creative Commons rules, and the others are for matching buyers and sellers for the pictures you’ve taken.

There’s the world’s larget photo marketplace site (I’m not sure it is actually “largest” because I have no statistical evidence) called Fotolia. Fotolia’s Japanese Manager Ms. Sumiya told me it would start today video service as well photo service.

Logo of Fotolia

The service allows to upload video of 60-seconds-long and 30-frames-per-second at the maximum, that means uploaded videos may have the quality enough to be republished even on TV.

If we setup an SNS on global basis, we need localize it to avoid language barriers, and need arrange it to local tastes because of regional characterestics. However, photos and videos are universally acceptable for all the people around the globe without pre-arrangement, that’s why it would be easiter to make it on the world market.

I heard some amateur photographers make their livings only by selling their works on Fotolia.

I can have the following ideas.

– Students studying at training schools to be possible professional photographers can sell their works on Fotolia, which can make money and collect audiences’ view at the same time.

– TV stations and program production companies can sell unused video clips, which were originally taken for other purposes. (For tv broadcasters whose revenues are being reduced due to downturn in the ad industry as well, this business scheme can turn someone’s trash into another man’s treasure, which makes money for the broadcasters.)

If Fotolia can deploy the additional feature of automatic tagging posted videos with Videosurf‘s technology, I believe it should be getting more and more convenient. (I explained here about Videosurf. Sorry it’s written in Japanese.)