Visiting “DEMOsa” in Roppongi

I’ve been drinking until dawn last night, and I was still sleeping even noon. Then I got a call from a friend of mine.

Friend:  Shall we go to “DEMOsa”?
I :         I don’t know what it is. Too sleepy to be there, I’m staying in bed.

I became sleepy again and refused going to Roppongi, but I thought it again and decided to be there after getting a hot shower, for responding to his kind invitation.

There were a lot of people whom I know.

Matsuki-san was standing at the reception for arranging whole things of the event, whom I saw usually at “Digicon Salon”. (Because he is the executive director of MOSA, a non-profit organization hosting this event.)

Every developer gave there the presentation about his or her newly introduced iPhone App for ten minutes. Its rapidness and smoothness of the presentations going made me so cheerful.