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Singapore’s TV News Channel Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

My first trip abroad in my life was that to Singapore.

That country is one of my favorites, while we may be sentenced to flogging if something illegal involved there.

Changi Airport has Koi Ponds in the premise, and for those who frustrate waste of time for transit at the airport, they have a free invitation tour to Singapore Zoo, which are absolutely different from the facilities and the menus prepared at LAX where I missed my flight last week.

# At LAX, all the lockers and baggage storages have been removed since “Sep 11”,
# and few restaurants are located in any buildings other than Tom Bradley Terminal.

In order to defeat BBC and CNN, Singapore has founded Asia’s first ever English news TV station named Channel News Asia, and the station cerebrated its 10th anniversary on March 1st.

Actually they’re celebrating it but only broadcast the videos on which the world’s business leaders congratulate it, that is also different from the fact that most Japanese TV stations also celebrate their 50 years old by increasing variety show programming broadcast.

I launched an application called TVU Player In the iPhone, and I watched Channel News Asia with the application while doing my job at a coffee shop in Roppongi. Then the station started airing Japanese popular travel program introducing hot spring resorts locating nationwide.


This was produced by TV Tokyo, and Channel News Asia adds English subtitles on it and broadcasts in the sponsorship by Sumitomo Corporation, ANA and NEC. The programming is named “Japan Hour”.

As being endorsed by Japanese foreign ministry, the state-running broadcaster NHK finally started its English worldwide programming last month, but I think the travel program on Channel News Asia would be more effective for making results of the government’s running “Visit Japan Campaign”.

Moreover, without being asked by Channel News Asia, TVU Player is streaming the programs on the Internet.

Nowadays, we need no parabola antenna to watch oversea TV programming.

I don’t know how much NHK pays for renting satellite transponders, but if they could stand on the position as one of contents providers like Kadokawa, they should approve of the content reproductions on the Internet.