Subject to Change

TechCrunch Japan’s translator, Nob Takahashi gave me his recent work titled “Subject to Change” last month, and I finished reading it after all.

Cover of "Subject to Change"

Terms like “user experience” and “customer experience” are frequently quoted in the book.

  • Marissa Mayer at Google has the title of “Vice President of Search Product and User Experience, it is translated to Japanese as 検索製品および利便性向上担当副社長 according to Google Japan’s website, which means Vice President in charge of usability improvement. Who turned user experience to usability improvement in the process of translation?

Because I started my carrier as a programmer, I cannot avoid myself to start thinking everything with technlogy/engineering oriented basis, but the book tells us:

Every company provides with a certain service in order to let its clients obtain user experience expected,


In order to realize the service, the company is creating a certain product,


And in order to create the product, the company is developing technologies.

I should see in my life more deeply what the book tells us.

One of the recommendations for your reading in the new year’s holiday season.

I just awared recently that actually I visited the office of Adaptive Path when I was in San Francisco last Spring.

Brandon Shauer and David Verba, co-author of this book’s original, had a lecture at Google Headquarter, and I found its video on YouTube.

There’s a caption of “Google Confidential” at the top of the video, I wonder it is still ranked as a confidential, even on YouTube and it was uploaded probably by someone from Google.