Tokyo Beer & Blog – 1st Meet-up

Tokyo Beer & Blog

A meet-up called “Beer & Blog” origins Portland, Oregon which is the heart of the open source coummunity.   Its first Tokyo edition was held following the cities like Las Vegas and St. Lewis.

Everyone is chatting with having a pint of beer in the hands.   The meet-up is held every week at a beer pub.   If you’re interested in attending this, please check out the website of Tokyo Beer & Blog for more details.

Attendees celebrated the 1st meet-up at Hobgoblin in Shibuya, which directly imports a number of casked UK beer having the same name with the pub’s.

The organizer is Ken Brady from Genkii, who recently introduced the new iPhone app called Sparkle.   (Serkan Toto wrote a story covering Sparkle on TechCrunch.)

On that day, the German-headquarted venture Jimdo started its Japanese service jointly with KDDI, and I had a chat with Serkan Toto, who is a German national and attended Jimdo’s press briefing at the German Embassy.

It is not a revolutionary but convenient service because we can create our own sites without setting up web server and CMS.

Some people call it a kind of Web3.0 service. is also categorized in this sector, which I saw at a meet-up in L.A.

I received a beta account for Fotonauts today, almost six months passed since I saw it at TechCrunch 50 last fall for the first time.

I will enjoy playing it tonight.