I Went To A-list Bloggers Award Winning Ceremony

There was the winning ceremony for the alpha (a-list) bloggers award 2008 at a club in Aoyama Friday evening.   I was attending that.

Totally twelve blog posts were introduced at the ceremony, and some of them were recited by voice actress Yurika Fukui.  (This picture contains unintentionally an ad for another blog award.)
Voice Actress Fukui at the Alpha Bloggers Award Celemony

Not just reading the blog post, but listening to what someone reads it is a great new idea and so impressive.   Furthermore, it was read with the profession’s voice, which may change the weight of every word.

The year of 2008 is filled with so many incidents and accidents, not a few blog posts were so sad.   But the finally introduced one or “The Story of Disheveled-haired Dog named WASAO” were so funny.

Following the ceremony, we had a fellowship banquet where we take as much Pringles chips as we like.   And I got Rip Slyme‘s limited edition of Pringles as the sponsor’s courtesy.

Two Boxes of Pringles

I don’t need buy potato chips anymore for the time being.